Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Remember kids,

LJ icons = Serious Fucking Business.

I'll get them done at my leisure when the icon-inspiration strikes. I never made any promises and I prefaced it with the fact that I tend to do five or six before I just can't stare at photoshop anymore. When I make those icons, I am forcing the inspiration rather then letting them come. No apologies whatsoever. You drew your picture out and that's fine. I won't grovel and neither will I expect you to grovel (because quite honestly that is just not in your nature nor is it in your personality), but sometimes patience is a virtue.. and well no one is perfect when it comes to trying to please everyone. And essentially.. I have stopped trying (since online time is leisure time for me)

The Shunsui icon just happened to come because I was listening to a song and the idea just clicked, that and my mind was already thinking on Shunsui/Ukitake waves anyways.

Ah well, now I am going to go and pick up subway because I am in no condition to cook. (Yuck for the scratchy throat and the spontaneous sickies.. *why does it have to happen NOW*)
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