Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I got my ultra-sound for my thyroid. It was fun because Citan and Ukitake were BOTH there and here is a run down.

Citan: Sonar waves are rather awesome.
Ukitake: This pillow is really fluffy, I like it.
Citan: Did you know they used to submerge people in vats of water and shoot sound waves through the waves to get the same effect.. there was a big monitor and everything
Ukitake: Can I fall asleep? This is nice.. *snoooo~ze*
Citan: Science is great *tear*
Ukitake: *sound of sleeping from the ultimate purveyor of hospital beds*

To my knowledge, Ukitake has never been treated by Citan. Ukitake gets his treatment from Unohana. The routine checkups go to Citan. *it really is hard having a head full of doctors.. Isshin, Citan, Unohana, Hyuga (sometimes), Umeda and others >.>*

You know, a nap doesn't sound too bad at all. I am exhausted and I think I am getting sick with what pimp_kitten has. I already whisked away his cloreseptic. *stashes it for later*
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