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~And all these things swimming through my head.. fade away when I go back to bed~

I thoroughly endorse that we all go back to sleep.

This is my morning icon I've decided. I am rather pleased with how the colouring came out, and well I can think of no better character to be on my 'let's -attempt- to get up" icon. I've wanted consistantly a strong Shunsui icon, and I believe that this is it, the colours are in keeping with how I like my icons to be, studies in pastels or muted tones. After a while the icon was making itself. So much love for Shu-koi! (Ukitake wishes him a good morning!) I think that perhaps the best part of the icon is the shadowing faintly underneath the rim of the hat that I did myself, so that it actually looks like the hat is shadowing his brow just across his eyes.

Manga colouring is definitely my icon strong point. (I think)

I think that I shall have to invest once again in detangler. Since this morning I don't feel like investing in my hair. I'll pick some up after I get back from my thyroid ultrasound today.

This song is brilliant.

(Yay for leaving work at 12:30~!)

Edit: Ukitake says that when he and Shunsui makes love for the first time in the Bleach RP, the song "Forcast" by Jason Mraz should be playing because he says it is beautiful and it inspires the same sort of feeling that Shu-Koi does. (Yes, so the muses are very active in my brain today)
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