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~It was way past midnight, and she still couldn't fall asleep~

I am amused because at the theater where I work, my supervisor and I were stopping every kid under 13 that came in to pay for their ticket by asking them "You know that girls (boys) are nasty and they kind of stink". And watching their reactions. That, I have to point out, is EXACTLY why we the theater is the bastard child of AAFES. Because we do that stuff, and we tell rape-stain stories about Japan. They'll never hire me in the main store, and I am SOOOO glad. (Teehee, rape-stain.. what a wonderful phrase. I know that rape is no laughing matter.. but the phrase just made me giggle emmensely. Teri is magnificient.)

Now to go to Wal-Mart. Let's see how long it takes pimp_kitten to get ready. *hurms* (but he's been sick so it's okay)

I also realize that my Touya/Yukito icon.. tis awesome. Every time I see them, I am filled with the irrepressable urge to shout, "IT'S CANON! AHAHAHAHAHA!" (Any fans of Touya/Yukito that get that same urge? *curious* Or am I the crazy one?)
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