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~The common road seems like a dream.. it's a mystery to me~

I changed my default userpic to Ukitake. This icon was bugging me last night when I was at the movie's. I -wanted- to make it because the words appeared to me, the placement and everything. So say goodbye to Hisui who did a wonderful month-long run. But now it is Ukitake's turn to have the default picture. This was just a study on screening, background erasing and then making the overlay and underlay sort of cross over each other. I'll need a serious Iruka icon now. (That will come, I promise. It was funny because last night Iruka threw a dozen roses at Kakashi. Umeda and Kakashi, they show their love in reluctant ways. (it was nice to let the muses out, for trully!)

Hirata Hiroaki.. has a damn hot voice. He ranks up there in my estimation with Inoue Kazuhiko, Hideo Ishikawa, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Hidenobou Kiuchi & Saiga Mitsuka. I have alot of secondary favorite seiyuu.. but those are the first ones currently. If I had to liste seiyuu that I worshiped to death, I'd probably be here all afternoon.

So anyways, on a serious note. From the 26th of June to the 10th of August I have exactly 1 day off... and that is the 4th of July. I am not going to burn out, it takes alot to burn me out.. but it is going to be hectic. I think that for all the work that I am doing, I can reward myself with the Youka Nitta "Embracing Love" series.. or at the very least buy myself something nice. (Like Xeno-doujinshi.. haven't been up all that in a long time). It is a pleasure for me to work, and really can you believe it but I don't realize when work became so -important- to me. In the past couple of years, my priorities have reshaped ALOT. Three years ago I would be honest and say that work was so not important to me, but now I am like "Work.. more money? $$$$$$$!!!"

I do get my playtime, I usually goof off at work (or harass the customers... always enjoyable. Mish got to hear me harassing customers on friday evening.). But I get stuff done too and I think that is what matters.

Now all they have to do is hire a cashier to do my old job. >.> I'm moving on up.. yay for an extra 2 dollars an hour! (Yo's old position, it's nothing to scoff at)

Edit: The unremixed version of "Truly"... I AM IN LOVE! Ukitake is trying to figure out which one he likes the best.. I think he likes the un-remixed version the best. (It is gorgeous.. *gushes*)

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