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~Take my hand, we can fly away to the world we can go tonight~

You know I've realized I am more likely to make well thought out posts in the morning when it is fresh and early, anything after noon and it is inclined to be spam or fandom squealing to the 8th degree.   And as the day goes through, I find myself getting more and more tired and so posting becomes an actual chore, certainly anything really thoughtful and semi-serious. (Sometimes it's just easier to post one line nonsense or the whatnot.)     In other news  pimp_kitten is sick so that leaves me to be nursing him back to health, with that being said I picked up all sorts of medicine for him because I am a concerned roommate, now he had cloreseptic, nyquil and other such yummies.

I found out I have a weakness for 80s girl pop like Expose and Debbie Gibson.  (OMFG!).   I've been downloading alot of Expose stuff and found that it's really good and cheerful. (with some of the exceptions..  there is nothing more sad then "Foolish Beat".)      You know, I am due for a Daily Download selection.   How I do that is I put up one as soon as I can remember after I download (and keep) two songs, this is so that I never run out of music to post and it adds a song into the mix.  *I've never said that I -wasn't- wierd*.    I added like 5 songs last night, thanks to taibhse and shuufish as well as my community FList over at tear_venus *cheers*

Last night was rather humerous and we didn't show the movie, that is because Teri was so busy with graduation that she FORGOT TO PUT THE DRAWERS IN THE REGISTER.   So we couldn't show the movie and I have to say that it was great.  (that would never of happened in a bigger movie theater, for really!)    So I came home, which was good because I was itching to watch Pataliro Saiyuki anyways.  (Bancoren.. yes I love him).      It also gave me a chance to get medicine for Alexi.. and then after taking nyquil I fell asleep.  (Did you know.. that taking nyquil and then wanking actually -speeds- the process.    I was out like the proverbial light )

I've written too much.   Next up will be the selection process for the Daily Download.

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