Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Return to me.. stronger then before~

It's been a very very long day. Full of unexpected work hours, long monotonous hours at the hospital and sheer exhaustion. Not to mention Alexi got sick and now I feel like I am going to be catching the same thing that he is, so I am pondering taking nyquil and going to sleep. However they didn't find the consumption but now I am only convinced that it was hiding and therefore it'll be back tomorrow. Maybe they will catch it next year.. but I doubt it because my consumption is a sneaky bugger and likes to consistantly evade it. >.>

Mish is on her way back from Detroit to the Soo so I look forward to pestering her once again. (She and her muses have been missed, alot! *points to Umeda who was behind most of it*)

I need to send her the Inoue Kazuhiko and Hoshi Souchirou duet (even though it's not as good as I ithought it would be, they really picked the wrong type of song for the two to sing but that is only in my opinion)

Sleep well when you all get there. But I for one need some sleepage. >.> To try and get back all of the energy that today sort of DRAINED from me.

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