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~Shadows flow so low before my eyes, and their moving across the page~

I have to go to work today if only for an hour to help out with the commissary order, and then I come back home where I attempt to mow. (fun!) Then I pick up the paperwork for my promotion over at HRO (I have a doctor's appointment at 0730 in the morning.. hurrah!) <--- hopefully they don't find out that I really have consumption, because if I really had it then the joke would be on me, wouldn't it. *teehee* I am listening to one of Gin's song from Bleach Beats. I love Gin, and his voice is amazing. (Damn it, I demand Aizen and Gin Bleach Bleats. Come on.. DUET DUET!)

Umeda muse has finally been sated, I think really all he wanted to do was get that ficlet out of the way. However in the process many many Akiha icons got done in the process so hey that's cheerful. Hyuga has surfaced once again to think smutty thoughts, he came out really on Sunday night and was like.. here think about this because I'm missing Sigurd. So that is good, ever since before Sunday I've been labouring under worry so when he came out, it meant that I was over them and could fully relax now.

I should write something Ukitake centric. Something involving children. My Ukitake muse is a sucker for children and would probably give all of the contents of the candy in his robes to them. only to wander to his Shu-koi's office where he can restock. Perhaps I will work on that after I mow the lawn. It's good to fatten up my fic journal, shitan.

In the triune there are three places where my fandom gets divided to. And they all have their bases in Xeno.

jyuufish - A fusion of Hyuga from Xenogears and Jin from Xenosaga. Hyu-jin (which also in japapanese approximately means Hyu person)
shitan - My writing journal which is the japanese name for Citan. I was surprised that no one had gotten it. It is my tribute to Hyuga's alter ego, Citan Uzuki.
soylent_icons - In Xenogears there is a Pop Culture reference to Soylent Green in the way of the Soylent System. So I named my icon community as Soylent Icons because I am amused by icons made out of people. *heh's*

And that is why Xeno is my first and formost favorite fandom. >.>

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