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h1>LJ Interests meme results</h1>

  1. bishoujo senshi sailor moon:
    This was the first series that got me into anime. And I have a special fondness for Haruka/Michiru. (Especially Michiru because I identify with her strongly. She is a very.. I suppose Hyuga type. The level of intensity in her, it's strong. But the series, if one can overlook certain aspects of it, it's fairly decent.
  2. clamp:
    Clamp = Crack. Of course nothing tops Card Captor Sakura but they have so many other good manga series. Tokyo Babylon, X, xxxholic, Tsubasa. And Clamp, remember, they started out as doujinshi artists. Clamp was the first fangirls. *teehee*
  3. fruits basket:
    More the anime then the manga. But yes, Hail Mabudachi Trio. I'll always have a fondess for Hatori, Ayame and Shigure (you can mix them however you will, I know I do). that series though made me giggle and cry.
  4. hana-kimi:
    Do I really have to expound upon this one? What reeled me in was Umeda, what got me to stay was Umeda/Akiha. And yes, Sano and Mizuki grew on me quite a bit >.>
  5. inoue kazuhiko:
    Favorite Seiyuu EVER!
  6. love mode:
    I got in this per Lamasu's prodding, picked it up and actually realized that I liked it. It's very nice on the angst but the guys.. wonders never cease look and act like guys, YES!
  7. mythology:
    Most especially greek mythology. I have a hard on that won't quit. Tales of Adventure and Impossibility.. to my Virgo mind, I guess I thrive on them a little bit.
  8. seiyuu:
    Ah anime and the guys/girls who voice them. I love music and I love the music that seiyuu make. A good voice makes me melty.
  9. suikoden:
    When I got my Playstation for the first time, when I was waiting for FF7 to come out, I got Suikoden.. and promptly fell in love with it. The story is very complex and detailed. (and let's face it, Viktor pwns)
  10. xenogears:
    Saving the best for last. Xenogears is the series that I have the BIGGEST hard on for. It's a hard on that has lasted quite a few years now. Religious overtones, strong characters, a music ost that makes me want to cry with the beauty of it and a deep and intense plot. I've replayed that game too many times to count. And if you look at my icons.. you'll see alot of Xeno.. and with good reason. Xeno still has the largest time share on my soul.

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