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~Ficlet: Belong Together (Umeda/Akiha)~

Title: Belong Together
Fandom: Hana-Kimi
Pairing: Akiha/Umeda
Song Inspiration: We Could Still Belong Together by Lisa Loeb
Comments: This fic has been lingering in my mind for the past couple of months but only now with Umeda being very active due to his missing of shuufish's Akiha muse, well it was written by him so I hold no credit for this but the muse. This has not been beta'd but that is because I am inherently lazy.. but well ficcage is always good. I could of written this from Akiha's POV too (because I also have an Akiha muse) but I decided that because it is for Mish's Akiha muse, that I keep the POV purely on Umeda. I hope you enjoy it. Oh yes, and the song.. it's downloadable. *grins*

"We could still belong together, and together is much better
We're okay so hey don't worry now...
But if you make a mistake.. we're through."

Ever since Akiha Hara, the annoyingly pesky photographer, had forcibly moved himself into Umeda Hokuto's apartment, there dwindled the ammount of talk-free uninterrupted me time that Umeda could take for himself. Every time that Umeda sit down to read a magazine and have a cigarette, all he had to do was glance over and see Akiha there watching him like a devoted puppy with those limpid soul-filled brown eyes and a smile that boded sweetness and light to all and sundry that crossed his path.

Truth be told, Umeda was a cat person. He hated dogs. They got fur all over couches and piddled themselves and all sorts of disgusting things that really did not bear mention. The only reason why he did not have a cat was because he just hadn't gotten out to find one for himself. What with his obligations as a school doctor and Mizuki's confidences, they left him fairly exhausted when he got home and so all he really wanted to do was draw himself a fragrant bath and drag a book into the tub so that he could properly relax, candles and all.

Inadvertantly though, Umeda had found himself with a pet. And quite honestly he was not sure what to do with that pet. It may not of been a dog, because well it did have control of it's bladder and it did not leave hair on the couch (though the shower drain was a different story all together). But it certainly not was a cat because no self respecting creature of that lineage would pounce on him 24/7 and demand all sorts of attention that was downright exhausting to him. Every time Umeda got up, he was glomped and senpai'd all the way out to the kitchen.

It didn't matter that Umeda had refused to make a copy of the key for his newfound roommate, it also didn't matter that Umeda had tried to throw him into the second bedroom of his apartment. Without fail he found Akiha in his apartment every evening no matter how much he barred the windows and locked the door and equally without fail every night right when he was falling asleep he felt a warm body crawl into his bed and then press flush against his own body. By that time Umeda could only utter a grumbled 'don't press your cold feet against any part of me' before rolling over and giving his 'pet' ample opportunity to spoon him. He was asleep before he could realize that his 'pet' and indeed taken the advantage to use him as a literal body pillow.

After a while Umeda got used to bathrooms-turned-into-darkrooms and random cuddles with sticky fingers that heralded someone with not the good sense to wash his fingers off after having eaten an entire tub of ice cream. All these things he got used to in time because when it came down to it, Umeda did like to have someone there to block out the silence of his thoughts. Push came to show with the realization that Akiha was helping him to stop thinking of Ryouichi so much, how could he think about Ryouichi when he had someone attached to him at the hip and he was too busy struggling to spend any time in complex thought. And the fact that Akiha had made friends with his landlady so that she'd let him in whenever he gave her puppy eyes, well Umeda thought that extremely and annoyingly predictable of Akiha. It wasn't pleasant to go to pay his rent only to be treated to a 20 minute speech from the kindly old lady about how his particular friend was an 'angel'. Hmpf, the nerve of the little idiot, infiltrating every safe haven he had.

The very fact that Umeda did not want to endure another 20 minute ramble was the whole reason why he took his key to the nearest locksmith to get a copy. If he could avoid any contact between her and Akiha, the better. The very last thing he needed was for every one of his neighbors to become Akiha fanboys and girls. There was many things that Umeda could abide, and that was not even in the top 20.

And so he comes back with a cake and the spare key. Cake because he is hoping that it will draw Akiha off of the key, he didn't want a big fuss over the little symbol of sort-of committment that he was bequeathing onto Akiha. In fact in his mind he was intellectualizing that it was just Akiha crashing at his place, and that he would eventually get around to locking Akiha in his room every night, even though that idle threat would remain just that, idle. It wasn't like he was promising marriage or life-partnership.

Coming home to an empty apartment was the last thing he had expected, but judging from the time, he figured that Akiha had some sort of work that needed finishing and so he left the cake box on the table with the key resting on top of it while he took a magazine into the living room and plopped down on his couch. A good chunk of that was to wait. ~Now he'll be able to knock on the door like a normal human being.. this will be a new development~ Umeda thought as he settled in to read his magazine, pouring over the latest fashions that he'd probably end up splurging on. But inevitably he found his eyes were drawn to the clock that ticked it's way around the hour, hours and still no Akiha in sight. Along with the clock ticked Umeda's temper.

~The nerve of Akiha. I buy him a key and he doesn't even have the decency to -be- here. How useless!~ When Umeda did good things, there was a part of the spoiled rich boy in him that expected people to take notice that he was doing something good and nice and tell him how benign and generous he was. Without Akiha to recognize that he was so very grateful, the act was meaningless. Not to mention it crossed Umeda's mind that perhaps he should dump all of Akiha's things in the hall and give the spare key to someone else. That'd serve the photographer right.

When Umeda finally declared it time to go to bed, he stuck the cake in the fridge along with the key then left a note on the kitchen table for Akiha to peruse when he got in. He knew that Akiha would find some way to come in, and he swore to the gods that if Akiha tried knocking, he'd throttle his pretty and utterly kissable throat. Then it was to bed.

He was asleep when Akiha did get in, and he did not get to see the reaction to the note, the cake or the key.


There is cake in the fridge. If the cake isn't all gone by tomorrow morning when I wake up, I am throwing it out, you fool. Don't wake me up, and try sleepng in your own room for a change, your cold feet are bloody annoying."

But true to form he did feel a body crawl into his bed and arms wrap around him, kisses pressed against his neck coupled by softly whispered thank-you's that tickled his ears. These things Umeda in his half awake state was not accustomed to dealing with so instead of kicking Akiha out of bed, he allowed himself to be pulled in closer. He'd have all the time in the world to hit and kick Akiha to his hearts content when the morrow came, but for now he just wanted to burrow in the one who despite being pushed away, refused to leave him alone. Sometimes what was wanted was not necessarily what was needed and that settled into Umeda's psyche as he sank into a cake-scented dream..

Along with the realization that Akiha had eaten all the cake, the pig.

"Yes, I complicate, I know it's just my way
But if is a question that I ask and nothing more.."

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