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I just finished Angels & Demons. Still I like the The DaVinci Code better, but I think that it was a very very good book, very powerful and moving in it's own right. The brands, the illuminati and everything involving the church. Well Dan Brown has proven that he is very good at unexpected twists and turns throughout any book that he writes and really makes for an interesting read. Despite the fact that his books are a bit on the downside of flowery prose which most people like, I am a big fan of things that he mentions in the books, that you are drawn back to at a later point in the book, and that is what I consider to be the crowning of his craft. Sure it translates very well to a movie, but to those that can see books in movie terms (meaning that it naturally pans out and is given images to substantiate it in the mind) it becomes equally as powerful.

Next week Yo and I are going to go to Boise on Saturday in order to celebrate our promotions. (we both got promoted at the same time!) Granted I still have to get my physical detected but I'll pass it (unless oh my god I have REAL consumption.. woops)

I am thinking of watching Princess Princess. Hmmm.. yeah that sounds like a good idea. And perhaps tonight I will watch more Peacemaker Kurogane.

Tomorrow I work double shifts. I really have never been thankful that I have so much WORK to do on a weekend. Is that wierd? Yeah it probably is. I never professed to holding anything reminiscent of normal.

Though I promised myself I would work on an Akiha icon for aseraphim. We'll see how that goes.
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