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~Remember when it rained, in the darkness I remain~

First of all everyone, I ask that you be patient with me this week. It isn't going to be an easy week for me. Workworkwork on top of Mish being gone for the next week. So I'll end up posting nonsense or even not posting at all, I am going to be bored to death but that's alright, I have some things I need to get done. I will probably be making a cameo appearance on AIM and lingering there, so if anyone has AIM *prods Jessie* then tell me, I am uzukistyle on AIM.

But on the journey for self healing, I will be at the end of it. We both know this. I can wait, it is easy.

I made two icons yesterday. Both are fairly good. Both are fairly series. (Well the Jin song isn't because the lyric was inspired by the Better than Ezra song "Extra-Ordinary" which is an awesome song). But the King Ashura icon.. that is a mantra. A mantra which I will be saying over and over.

- Come on, Jin is hot. (even if he is 37 in this picture. Older men make me happy)

- I hate to say this, I do.. but King Ashura/Fai.. it's my new pairing. The lyrics come from "Lullaby" by Assemblage 23 and the brush was all thanks to wonderland__.

"Return to me.. stronger then before"

This is her battle. Not mine. All I can do is cheer her on from the sidelines.


Hey FList. AMUSE ME!
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