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~What you need just happens to be~

If I were Stephanie, the very LAST person I would want to piss off is pimp_kitten because he can (and will) keep filling out those yellow comment card things. I would advise her against turning up her nose or giving him an attitude. Because he is an Aries, and I swear to Xenogears that he won't take that kind of crap. The sheer ammount of pissed that he was, I could easily see steam coming out of his nose. Luckily Suk apologized profusely, and while Alexi is made okay once again, he still wants blood sacrifices.

Our Stephanie, yeah.. she's a very charismatic person.

However today I got someone that bought a soda which is normally 1.25, handed me 2 dollars and told me to keep the change. *teehee* I love it when customers do that to me! This is why I am loved and Stephanie is not

--Now for Something FUN!--

I am going to take one line fic requests so take a look at my interests and pick a character/pairing from a fandom that I know.. as well as a prompt word. Try not to pick pairings that I actively dislike (Please no Bart/Sigurd.. I might write it, after I expell the contents of my lunch out my mouth) but I will generally write a pairing that you give me. (I can even write het! But I won't advise bogging me down with the stuff. Girl/Girl and Guy/Guy are the ones I am more comfortable in) If I don't know who the characters are or the pairing makes me gag, I will tell you.
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