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So usually thursday comes after a good 4 to 5 day pre-show. It is very very very rare that I get it earlier then I expect it. From the moment that I have a sudden desire for chocolate, I have approximately 4 to 5 days to prepare myself.

NOT SO FOR NOW! Oh of course not. Now I know exactly why my emotions went out of whack. It was because the pre-show only lasted 12 hours! All the emotions that sort of seep out slowly over the course of five days just decided to come out all at once. So there was a deluge, and hence why I felt like yesterday I was drowning. Hence why I was pretty much a mess last night.

So now I am left with the feeling of meh and I am feeling a bit sick. UCK! But well at least my emotions are perfectly moderated and under control.

Also watched Episode 80 and 81 of Bleach. I would just like to say that SoiFong was so cute that it gave me the idea to create a character on DAOC for her. I also created Hyugalis who is the female version of Hyuga. (Decided not to use the name Heyven for obvious reasons..) and she's an elf.

Anyone want my uterus? I'll give it up for free. >.>

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