Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~The Seven Days of Hyu~

Wednesday by Tori Amos

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"So we go from year to year
with secrets we've been keeping
though you say you're not a templar man"

Everyone should have at least -one- Tori theme song, shuufish taught me as much. This one is mine, this is sort of my day to day song. The one that plays in my head in the most mundane things. For to me this is a very routine song. I can see myself very clearly in this song, I can see myself doing day to day things.. and certain lyrics hit me right to a tee. I really do have to thank Mish for showing me one of my soul songs... because it's lovely. (And by nature, and forgive my blasphemy, I am not a really huge Tori Amos fan... but that song just struck me right at my psyche.) Of course it does not help that I just noticed secrets and templar being used in the same sentance.. which in my newly burgeoning love of The DaVinci Code, I instantly squeed. I need to be in an arcane secret society dedicated to protecting something.

And so there, revealed, another little piece of me.


Life is a Distance by Beborn Beton

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