Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,


I survived and now on to a well deserved four day weekend. four days of sleeping in. I will be spoiled methinks. But I am glad because damn it if I wanted this alot. This afternoon has been very lazy for me, and I like it. I am in my PJs right now, watching anime and hoping that Mish's DSL will be fixed so that we can cavort over the net like we usually do. I called her a few times today.. which was fun, and then I went to the library with the express purpose of getting a library card so that I can.. GASP.. see about getting my hands on Angels and Demons.

I want something sweet.. I think this is because I am nearing thursday. It should hit around mid-next week. *mehs*

Never do I look forward to the proof of my own gender. BAH!

Mmmm, I wonder how much I can get for my overies on the black market?
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