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~Home is a feeling I've buried here~

To sum up the morning... as best said by pimp_kitten. "Today is going to be a long day"

Technically it will be longer for him them for me but I woke up feeling like I was hung over even though I had no drink at Kyoto's. Hell I didn't even eat all of my dinner, for the mere fact that I stuffed myself on the Shrimp Tempura so I just took it all to go. (because Nia, as Todd sais.. 'doesn't EAT!'.). Well I did.. I ate the appetizer, the soup and two glasses of ice tea, but my side of the Royal Dinner for Two was definitely boxed up.

I also got hard-on number 23.. Strawberry Daquiri Jelly Belly Beans. Because they had a candy shop by Edwards 21.. and I was like. "OOH CANDY!" the girl working in there was sort of cute and I told them soo.. they went in and came out and went. "She's cute.. but not terribly so.." then I went on to tell them that I like girls that look a little bit more real. (Along with a yabber about how Mish was the cutest on the face of the earth).

Then.. The DaVinci Code.

Fucking-A. I've never read the book. I went into the movie theater thinking it would be okay, and I came out TREMBLING and with a major mind-spooge. The DaVinci Code. It instantly became my favorite movie. I don't know what it was about it, the twists, the turns, the clues.. it just appealed to the Uzuki inside of me. Definitely picking up the book to read it, because well, DAMN. I have no words for how the story appealed to me. And despite the fact that I developed a headache at the end of the movie, I still enjoyed it alot. I went to bed once I got home because the headache was too great to really be worth trying to log on.

The moment.. MOMENT it comes out on sale, I am buying it.

Today is Taco Thursday. My world weeps. >.>

So.. how is everyone?

Edit: I am damn proud of the following icon...

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