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~And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did~

I am going to be heading off to work soon in order to work at Pizza Etc and have a blast while doing this (and due to the short manning, believe me, it was sarcastic). Yo won't be around but then on the plus side neither will Stephanie. I intend on leaving a little bit early so that I can bring Alexi some food to snack on while he's doing his BTZ paperwork. He was a trifle depressed since today was supposed to be his day off, but well some people are bastards. Unfortunately that is the price you pay when you join the military. You end up doing alot of things that you don't necessarily want to. (Yes, Hyu had super secret Elements Training. *snickers* )

Next week when Stephanie comes around wanting a ride to work, I am going to refuse her if only because there are things I need to do on base before I go to work, and really I do not want her sitting in my car alone. >.>

I need to download some anime today.

Ouran Host Club
Princess Princess

Those seems to be the flavors of the day. I have yet though to make a Yukito icon that I like.

I want it to be Yukito looking all cute with the words "I make little boys gay" on it. Because Yukito.. he does. >.> (Ah, Clamp is good for the canonical gayness. Though really Yukito is not really gay, he just loves Touya *and vice versa*)

There is a good chance I might be tired when I get home.

ALSO EMILYPANTS, WHAT YOU TOLD ME WAS FOR THE WIN! *and here I was talking to Mish on the phone about that very same subject like a few days ago*
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