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~Another Day~

Today is Yo's birthday so I got her a birthday present and a cake.     Hurrah-bees. (did I actually just say that).    I have an email that I have to return to reizan but that will happen when I get back from work.    I am having a pretty good day..  except that I am increasingly finding that I need a Yakitate!Japan icon.    Except there is so much crack to that series that I wouldn't know where to start.  (Kuroyanagi?  Probably since he is my favorite character.   NO I DO NOT HAVE A KUROYANAGI MUSE! *shoves him into the pantry*  fennin, you did NOT see that!)

Tonight is hamburgers night.   Hamburgers and Sun Chips. (which is my healthy alternative to potato chips).     I have lost some weight due to my new very picky healthy lifestyle.   I am glad about this, though I've never been disatisfied with my weight, I've been very comfortable with myself for the longest time.

I would ponder DAOC but I know that it is keeps tonight, so I might have to finagle my way into playing DAOC tomorrow.   I sort of want to bash stuff.  >.>   What you say, shuufish

My current icon, the one on this entry is Zaphkiel from Angel Sanctuary.    My first text-less icon, because I feel that the expression on his face says it all.     I love Zaphkiel.   But then I love those good/evil ambiguous characters.    They are the ones most likely to whack me with the muse stick really hard.  (I also have a Kira, Uriel and Raphael. *teehee* Oh yes and Alexiel.. because well she's hot)

Okay, that was my random posting for the day.  *whee's*

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