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~Take me to the next step and show me the way~

You know I realize how much I had forgotten about CLAMP until I went through pictures of it and realized I was pretty much familar with all of it's stories. And yes, I still think that Kendappa-oh is awesome and I still want to marry her dark skinned body guard. (RG-Veda). I had forgotten how gorgeous the artwork is, I really did. I also forgot that there are some original characters that I used CLAMP artwork for in Utopia Orbiting, The Valley of the Lunar Rainbow and Avalon. It made me think of the past and well, it was just very poignant. That is where my original characters became LIVING.

Ah but I digress. That was enough sapping from me. >.> I will have a Kendappa-oh icon. I promise. *coughs*
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