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~Soylent Pickup for shuufish~


This icon can ONLY be used by shuufish as is the case with all icons that I create for a specific person. So if you see this icon being used anywhere by anyone but shuufish, point me in the general direction of that person. This is a bit more.. vivid then I'm used to, but I multiplied the hair to make it a bit more vibrant. There is something relaxing about colouring an icon, I'll tell you that much.

And for reference, the two characters are Umeda Hokuto and Akiha Hara from the popular het manga "Hana Kimi". They are the HOMO SIDE CHARACTERS (ahahaha). Akiha is Umeda's STALKERBOYFRIENDPLAUGEOFHISEXISTANCE. I love him to death.
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