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~My song choices are very amusing this morning~

Still Sick.

Making shuufish the Umeda Getting Groped by Akiha icon that I promised her. (And since it is black and white.. I am colouring it. Which isn't something new for me).

pimp_kitten is bringing me home some gatorade/powerade to which I am thankful for.

If I am not better by around 11 o'clock, I am going to call into work tonight. If I am not better by tomorrow, I am going to the emergancy room (because I know Alexi is worried about me, hell I am worried about myself right now. It is not fun waking up in tears because everything is going through you.) Luckily though I am not dehydrated. I checked and everything is still running clear and so it must be all the water I've been drinking. But I feel dehydrated, or maybe that is because the nutrients just are not staying in my body.

Kero and Meilin are right now vying for who gets up on my lap. It's a standoff of cuteness.

Great part is, I stayed up until around 1 am. But I was up right at 6:45. My sleep was fitful though and I think I tossed the cats off of my bed more then once. Oh well *takes another drink of water*
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