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~There's a little black hole on the sun today~

I evidentally do most of my posting in the mornings. It is a nice change for me to wake up and actually kick out my daily post in the morning. I've tempered off on the massive spam. (though spam is love). I did two icons today but they will not be revealed until my next Soylent Update. No saturday morning breakfast as well because I am feeling like I could hurl.

The thought occured to me, and I shared it with Mish and Todd. But today has been one of those days where I feel that I am dying at a faster pace then a normal human being. It was with the extent of how my insides were wrecking havoc with me. I don't know exactly how true that is.. I wonder if someone is putting arsenic in my food. That could account for my hacking and coughing almost out of the blue. (ask pimp_kitten who probably agrees.. so does Mish since she's heard me cough and then go "CONSUMPTION". I wonder if I really -do- have consumption. If I were Anne of Green Gables, I would think that vaugely romantic no doubt.)

I just recall last night waking up in a cold sweat and feeling like I was going to hurl. I don't know what is wrong with me, it may be the stomach flu in which Wendy's was the catalyst. (Damn fast food hells). It brings me to attention that I NEED to start going to the gym. I am of the mind that if I was working out regularly, my body would stop being sicky. But I want to wait until we have enough money for when I can purchase the Saiyuki Double Barrel Collection Volume 2 in order to watch while I am on the treadmill at the gym. I am lazy and I need visual stimulii.

I don't know who makes me happier, Hakkai or Gojyo. I think it may be Gojyo.. but only because Gojyo is redheaded sex on legs.

Also.. I watched a bit of She's the Man and I have to say that Amanda Bynes is kinda hot.. especially when she is playing soccar. I shall add her on my list of women to do. >.> *scribbles it down*

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