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~Happy Birthday, Jin Uzuki~

And since I did not mention it this morning. Happy birthday, Jin Uzuki-Muse!

You've gotten me through quite a few years with your optimism and cheerfulness (and that way you have of plotting the absolute worst with a smile.. you fucking troublemaker). Enjoy your birthday, alright. And remember as far as muses go. You are pretty awesome and you take so many roles with glee.. from cocky glam rock star to a Lords of Acid loving, hot topic wearing cocky teenager in the Brady RP and then back to a cocky bounty hunter in the Star Wars RP (Mmm cocky much?). You truly are four seasons in one day. Now go have your fun with Chaos.. you deserve it. Hell you deprived yourself of your morning Captain Crunch because of this whole thing that Chaos is planning.

Love, Your mun.

P.S: The Daily Download today.. it's dedicated to you.
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