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~Introspection THEN fanbabbling~

It has finally happened. My body can't take Junk Food anymore. There used to be a time when I could eat junk food and junk food and enjoy it. I really couldn't get enough of it.. and that was the leading cause of going through high school a bit overweight. (Until my senior year when I lost a whole bunch of weight due to them overdosing me on Ritalin.) And even then I still ate rather unhealthy.. I ate in fact rather unhealthy in college and the Military too. But now, finally now.. I have reached the point where I don't care for junk food anymore

When offered a Club Sandwhich and a Wendy's Burger. I will take the Club Sandwhich with extra tomato. In fact I had a Wendy's burger last night, and it seriously upset alot of things in me, including my digestive system as well as I think it threw my emotions off balance chemically. And that has been the first burger that I've had in a month (the last Wendy's I had since going to Sault Ste Marie and eating out with shuufish. But burgers and fries.. just are not that -appealing- to me anymore. As far as weight goes, I have to say that I am happy with my weight, and that is saying alot. This time perhaps 3 or 4 years ago I would not of been happy with this weight because I was still struggling under the stigmas of 'what is feminine'. But now, I am perfectly content with my body image and it doesn't upset me at all. (It took a long time to build up that confidence). I feel better about it because I am not filling it with junk but rather things that it can benefit from eating. My water intake has gone up and while I still drink soda's. (only vice currently). I very rarely buy soda's for home since I can get my caffiene intake where I work and when I am at home I -should- be drinking water or juice.

On another news. With the advent of the new Harukanaru Toki no Naka De movie.. there will be a NEW song. A duet between Hoshi Souchiro and Inoue Kazuhiko. Both Mish and I squealed because that is our favorite Seiyuu's.. SINGING together. (she adores Hoshi and I would kidnap and rape Inoue)

Also, for the advent of the Angelique series in September.. in July they are going to start releasing characters singles. The first will be Randy I think. I know that uzukisaru will like that. (OH TANAKA HIDEYUKI AS CLAVIS.. ILU! *teeheeTanakawhoreteehee* That means more Tanaka Hideyuki songs for me. And Tobita Nobuo.. mmmmm)

This summer is a good summer for Neoromance. (And Kinro no Corda will be turned into an anime which will mean HIDEO ISHIKAWA)

I really do adore Seiyuu. (if you couldn't tell)

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