Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Notes of the Day~

1.) Urge. To. Kill. Stephanie. Rising. At Pizza Etc yesterday we gave no more then THREE refunds and THREE free meals because she either a.| did not get the order right or b.| gave customers an attitude. I did not talk to her at all. I did not want to, the stupid bint. I did say goodbye to her but that goodbye sounded more like, 'get the fuck out of my car' rather then an actual 'goodbye'

2.) Tomrrow is Jin's birthday and he has been sure to remind me on a constant basis. Hyuga's birthday I sort of skated through UNTIL a few days later when Mish reminded me that it had been Hyuga's birthday. Citan.. well Citan said that he would wake up one day and declare that it was his birthday.. (since he wants to decide on his birthday). But Jin, I think he wants the presents, the greedy bastard.

3.) Ouran 4 is downloading! *dances* Can't wait to watch that.

4.) I need to mow the lawn today. It's about time that I do my first ritual of spring.. MOWING!

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