Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Notes of the Day~

Brief little notes (since I am too lazy to write whole paragraphs.. today is a concise day methinks)

1.) In Strawberry Panic! I found my favorite pairing. That is Amane and Hikaru. They are so cute that they make me squee. (though I still love Etoile). The wibbles had been emminent.

2.) Gakuen Heaven #3 amused me. I wanted a.| dunk the twins in water b.| hug tortured artist, Shinomiya c.| Squee because Naruse is so very cute and d.| demand that they show more of Jin-san, the school doctor. Can't have it all though I suppose. Oh yes, and I am starting to like the secretary to the Student Council Treasurer. His voice is so melty and he reminds me of GIN!

3.) I got pulled over by a policeman yesterday. For going two miles over the speed limit. I did not get a ticket however it went somewhat like this.

Policeman: So, tell me.. how fast do you think you were going there on the highway.
Me: Between 66 and 67 sir.
Policeman: And what is the speed limit.
Me: Well sir, 65 mph.
Policeman: I had you clocked in at 67 mph.
Me: Oh? (I wanted to say something sarcastic.. but even I'm not that stupid)
Policeman: Can I see some ID, proof of registration and insurance.
Me: *hands it over*
Policeman: *Comes back and hands it back* This is a warning.. don't do it again.

All I have to say was that Police Officier must of been BORED out of his pants because it is infinitely ridiculous to pull someone over for 2 miles over the speed limit. (Now everyone at my work calls me lead foot.. which is the truth ONLY on the way to Boise where I do tend to put the metal to the pedal.. but still!)

4.) Do I even have a four? Oh yes, I played DAOC last night. Patricia can now wear her nifty armor, in fact I am inclined to log on right now and equip it before I got to work.

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