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~It scares me that you could break my heart again so easily~

Songs for the Muses in the Xenogears Angel Sanctuaryesque AU

Hyuga - Precious by Depeche Mode
Bart - Big Machine by Goo Goo Dolls
Jin - Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai
Citan - Show me Love by T.a.t.u (What IS it with Citan, Fei and this group? Citan hears a T.a.t.u song and he LATCHES)

I think that the muses have nabbed theme songs that sort of fit them which have made it sort of real for me. When the muses dart out to grab songs, well that is when I know that they are really active in a particular RP. Elly still bears a little thought but she'll come around eventually. I think she's still caught up in the beauracracy of heaven. And the nabbing back of Sigurd's body from purgatory. That will tie up heaven in litigation for AWHILE. (Which Jin and Chaos no doubt -want-.. viva la buttsecks revolucion!)


Mornings are fun, I have my soda.. sipping on it. I am about ready to watch the first episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (blame it on 4chan and various people on my flist for being all like "WTF is THIS") and I am going in to work. This is my full day but I have tomorrow off. (in which Yo and I go to Boise) and then sunday through friday I work again. Pretty much I average one day off a week now... but that is quite alright, I don't mind. It makes me appreciate full days off even more.

Also.. NANA 4 is OUT! Hurrah! *goes to download it*


Also, GIP! Yay for Charlie from Angelique. I was playing around with the picture and I got this naturally. I love Charlie. I spooge over the rakish but cheerful guys. Mmmmmmmmm *eats them up* Charlie is delicious. My Ernst muse grudgingly admits this
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