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Shikao Suga.. I loveloveloveraburaburabulove his voice. Ever since hearing the theme song for xxxholic I really had to have more, and voila when I was perusing my community checking journal over at tear_venus, I found out that scarreddragon was offering all of Shikao Suga's albums.. and he has 8 of them. His vocals are awesome on his FIRST album which I am listening to right now. But damn I can't wait to listen to the rest of his albums. *squees*

Played DAOC last night so if I was laggy, that was probably it. First I played an archer.. and archers have to constantly reload their arrows (unlike the bashy characters where you click on their attack and then they just repeat until the enemy is dead). Then I came in as my main tank, a Midgard Valkyrie and basically she was pulling monsters in for the others to kill. After that some of the other people left and then everyone essentially quit for the night. But yeah, DAOC is pretty fun. I like it, but I like it because I can spend time with Mish (and Todd).

I've been on an icon kick, I have made very few icons that I've not wanted to keep. I think that approximately means that I am getting satisfied with my icon making skills. That probably also means that I won't be getting any better. Oh Snap and Oh Well. I've just reached my icon plateau... woot.

All the icons though that I have currently.. (52 out of 132) I am fairly happy with. So that's a plus though.

Also, Episode 2 of Gakuen Heaven. I still like Nakajima (blue haired guy with glasses), The school doctor and Naruse (Tennis player). I think that the Tennis Player and the Doctor should hook up. But that is probably just me being superficial. (Despite my love for best friend pairings.. I do have certain pairings, that you look at them and go.. WAT? Venom/Testament anyone?)
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