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~Now for another episode of Hyu's Favorite Pictures~

Just as last week's picture, this week's picture has none of the boobies. Once again it is a guy which is not so much of a bad thing. This picture is completely worksafe. (Unless you work in a Sunday School, to which I would ask you.. WHY ARE YOU SURFING LJ AT WORK?!?). There is a hint of skin but nothing too out there.

This comes from the manga series Fire King. I know this because I had this RP character by the name of.. oh oh oh.. man I can't remember his name now. Oh yes... Seifer. (though I can't for the life of myself remember his last name.. he had a twin brother, I know this. Oh yes, Seifer Kiryuu.) And when I used to RP at the Valley of the Lunar Rainbow (that was like six years ago) he was in very high demand because he was evil and he was the sex. He also used the above picture. I like the picture because of the red hair and blue eyes.. he just seems to ooze sensuality without the picture being too -thick- with it. I have a serious redheaded fetish and so it was only natural that I glomp onto this picture. I like how the effect is very water-coloury, yet still vibrant.

Like it? Why do you like it?

Don't like it? I want to hear that too.

Comment and tell me!
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