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~Out of Character and Out of Canon rant.. insert HERE~

Characters, personality and sexuality.

That is the topic I am going to expound upon briefly. I have been browsing several anti-yaoi communities and several of the things I see is "OOC Yaoi" meaning out of character male male interactions. They make OOC out to be synonymous with Canon. They actually 'say' out of character instead of out of canon. But I find the two statements to be not the same at all. It is possible to be Out of Canon and not Out of Character. They say that Out of Canon -is- Out of Character.

I do not agree with this.

Because personality and sexuality have so very little to -do- with each other. One can be giggly, sprakly and gay.. one can also be quiet, stoic and similarly gay. In a yaoi story, you can write the two characters getting it on in a completely out of Canon-way.. but it can still IC (in character). Just as long as they react in the ways that had been predefined by the mangaka or the whatnot. Sexuality has never been set in stone, even if you are married to a man and you come to the gradual realization that you like women, well then there goes your illusions of straightness right out the proverbial window

What I am trying to get at is that. Out of Canon does not necessarily mean Out of Character. Out of Character would be Hughes refusal to spend time with his Wife and Child and spend his entire time chasing after Roy Mustang. Out of Canon but in Character would be Hughes trying to find a line between spending with his wife and child and with Roy, and choosing his Wife and Child but coming back on certain nights to reminiscence with Roy about the 'good old days' when they were young and free.

Of course, this doesn't help that in many yaoi manga, the uke and seme are pretty much predefined by personality traits that are stereotypically doled out to the seme and uke. (Uke = Girlish, Silly, Whimsical and Indignant, and Seme = Possessive, Domient, Protective *sometimes*). And I think that is where the whole line between Personality/Sexuality gets blurred.. because those in direct opposition of yaoi/shounen ai see these stereotypes and see some of the fandom trying to force different characters into the above mentioned roles that those in the yaoi fandom subscribe to.

Wow, I should go to bed now.. yay for sleepy rants!
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