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~Today is going to be a good day~

Okay, I am not angry anymore.. that is why everyone can see this post.. I am not angry because 1.) I got laid.. Even though it was phone sex.. it was still GOOD! *heh's* and 2.) Most of my irritability stemmed from lack of action.

However just a word.. People can gripe about what I do and do not post in my LJ all they want.. however it is free speech and if I want to post what I am thinking about sex.. then I BLOODY WELL CAN!

This LJ is here so that I can -vent- and if you are sick of me posting stuff like that.. then don't read what I have written.. or better yet bloody well take me off your list. Usually with me, you can detect what my subject is going to be within the first paragraph.

However just to cater to people I -will- put disclaimers for common courtesy. If it is going to be about sex.. then I will put a warning.

Anyways.. that was just a little something from me!






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