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~Presenting the Segment known as Hyu's Favorite Pictures~

This time there is no hot girls. (aww.. sad day) however I present to you a hot guy. This could be my glasses fetish speaking. And this is a guy that I think is familar to several of you.

No, it is not Citan/Hyuga (though gods, I love him). And behold, this is worksafe! Joy! That means that you can click on the link at work without fear of being caught by the net-nazi's and therefore you may drool to your heart's content.

Jin from Samurai Champloo. I've not seen the series enough to really matter but Jin is nice. A bit too serious as far as Jin's go. (I have taken my first Jin pill with Jin Uzuki from Xenogears and really he is a tough act to follow -And no, I don't consider Jin Uzuki serious whatsover). This is from one of the more renowned Samurai Champloo fanart sites. (they also had some LOVELY kakairu) So yes, Jin is awesome. I can't explain exactly why I love this picture except for maybe the tilt of the glasses. The "I'm smouldering sex roasting over an open fire" (SOYLENT WHEE!). So yes, while Xeno-Jin's rule my world. Jin's like these are mighty nice to look at. >.>

Feel free to comment and tell me if you like it, why you like it, or if you believe that my taste is sadly misjudged. I have skin of steel.. brick me if you must! *teehee*
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