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First of all, we have been riding the Drama Llama at work. Yo is pissed and with a fairly decent reason. I'll give you all a hint, it starts with an 'st' and ends with an 'ephanie'. Now for a little bit of backstory, the Club here on the base has two important events and both happen in the Spring. Easter and Mother's day. They hold two very high profile brunches that the Base Commander attends and all that. Now Stephanie had originally tried to hint that she'd like sunday off for her birthday (Jean has to submit 3 workers from Pizza Etc to go.. since I am only a cashier, I am not eligible.. even though they are currently training me as a cook). But Jean told her that everyone has to work for their birthday's at some point in their life, and so Stephanie could not pull the birthday card. Well on Thursday night, Jeff the night boss reminded Stephanie that she had to be at the Cluib on Sunday for the brunch, and she went "Oh, but I'm getting baptized." So now Yo has to work when she had been set to work for Mother's Day and not easter. Granted, I think that this is a ploy not to work, because she wants her birthday off, but what matters is the fact that had Jeff not asked, Stephanie would not of shown up for the Sunday Brunch. I left a note on Stephanie's locker yesterday saying that it would behoove Stephanie to bring Yo something as a sort of peace offering (like a bag of M&M's). Here's seeing if she follows my sage advice.

I'm not on AIM anymore except in passing. Right now I have converted to Yahoo Messanger. So if anyone wants to contact me, I am uzukistyle @ yahoo.com

It has also come to my attention that Ichimaru Gin sounds like a cultist in the song "Sekai wa Sude ni Azamuki no Ue ni". And I am very sure that he would sound like a cultist to anyone who had never heard the song before and did not know the character. I might conduct an expirement, if anyone who doesn't know anime ever rides in my car, I will ask them if he sounds like a cultist, then I will make a tally and compare the results with you all. (Now we are awaiting Aizen's magical CULT LEADER song, hurry up Bleach Beats.. COME SOON!)
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