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~Muse Meme - Revisited~

1.) Ukitake Jyuushirou (Bleach)
2.) Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
3.) Jin Uzuki (Xenosaga)
4.) Umeda Hokuto (HanaKimi)
5.) Emperor Cain (Xenogears)
6.) Soi Fong (Bleach)
7.) Isshin Kurosaki (Bleach)
8.) Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki)
9.) Hyuga Ricdeau (Xenogears)
10.) Bartholomew Fatima (Xenogears)
11.) Iruka Umino (Naruto)
12.) Tatsumi Seichirou (Yami no Matsuei)
13.) Takamichi (Harutoki)
14.) Setzer Gabbiani (FF6)
15.) Citan Uzuki (Xenogears)


1.) And what kinda kinky fun would character 6 and character 9 would have? (pervert me)

Oh dear, I am trying to figure out what Hyuga and Soi would do. Certainly Hyuga is a great deal kinkier then Soi, so if he was of the mind, there would be Solarian Mind Games played, but I am not sure that he'd be up for any female that wasn't Yui. And Soi, well Soi is so smitten with Yoruichi. They'd just end up going for their dark skinned lovers and leave the kinky games at home. (Though Soi might get a uniform much like Hyuga's to wear for Yoruichi)

2) "If 13, 5,and 2 were in a steamy threesome, what would it take for 8 to steal 5 away?"

*dies laughing* I think that Jin and Remus would give up Emperor Cain quite willingly, all it would take was trying to figure out how Hakkai would pawn off Emperor Cain to the NEXT sucker. (hopefully Hyuga.. who doesn't want any part of Emperor Cain either). Jin would be like, "HERE TAKE HIM!"

3) "If 1 were a high school teacher, what would they teach? How would 4 and 10 behave in their class?"

Ukitake would teach cooking, because he likes food. And he'd be 'required' to sample each and every student's creation. Now would Ukitake balk at that? I didn't think so. Umeda would fare well in the class I think, but Bart. Well Bart would explode things. He'd explode them bad.

4.) 2 and 6 are best friends possibly more. One day, 12 shows up and decides to wine and dine 6. Unfortunately, 2 gets jealous. What will 2 do in order to win back 6's affections?

Remus would turn into a werewolf and bite Tatsumi. No one steals the girl (or guy) from Remus. Ever. Hope Watari does not mind a werewolfy Tatsumi. (He'd probably dissect him)

If 3, who is dating 7, snuck away with 13 and got caught by 7, who would win the ensuing fight, 7 or 13?

5.) If 3, who is dating 7, snuck away with 13 and got caught by 7, who would win the ensuing fight, 7 or 13?

Well I know that Jin would be running off to Bermuda once Isshin and and Takamichi found out that they were being two timed, I think that neither would precisely fight about it. Isshin and Takamichi would laugh.. and then they would go and hunt down Jin together.

6.) 13 and 6 are dancing at a club one Friday night when 1 calls and asks them to pick up milk on the way home. Is 15 lactose intolerant or are they lying like 4 says?

(Soi Fong is really popular amongst my muses evidentally *teehee*). But I am surprised that milk is the ONLY thing Ukitake asks them to pick up, and not the contents of the entire 7-11. Citan is not lactose intolerant, however Umeda is a bitter gay man.. when slighted, he'd do just about anything. Ruthless bitter gay men are scary, so what if Citan took his practice away from him, poor Umeda needs to learn to let go.

7.) 7, 11, & 14 walk into a bar. What does the bartender say & what do they order?

To Isshin: "Oh hell.. not you again"
To Iruka: "Don't worry, I will make sure the drinks are not tampered with this time"
To Setzer: "No we don't sell Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, so stop asking"

Isshin orders a Flaming Dr. Pepper (because catching the bar table on fire once is NEVER enough)
Iruka orders a coke (to be on the safe side) And his eyes will not leave that coke the entire time he is in the bar.
Setzer orders a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

8.) 8, 13, 14, 3, 5, and 11 are vacationing at a nice couple's resort. Who did they go with, and who will they leave with? Who ends up being banned from the resort for indecent behavior, and who has a nervous break down because of it?

Hakkai, Takamichi, Setzer, Jin, Emperor Cain and Iruka go on this vacation. They won't tell me who they went and left with except that Jin had way too much fun with the vibrating bed, Emperor Cain was the one who got banned from the resort for indecent behavior. (It really isn't nice to masturbate inside the male hot springs.. the pervert) and well Iruka.. poor Iruka always gets the nervous breakdowns. I bet he'd be practically running back to Kakashi after that debacle. Setzer and Hakkai had a friendly game of cards that soon turned violent and Takamichi locked himself in the resort lending room to read the weekend away.

9.) 9 and 10 went out on a date. How did the date go? Where did they eat?

Oh my god. Well if Bart and Hyuga went on a date, I think they'd go out somewhere expensive. Very expensive, considering that it would be Bart's LAST DATE. (Two brothers fighting over the same guy, not good..)

10.) 1 and 11 got stuck in an elevator. What will they do while waiting to be rescued?

You know, they'd probably do something amiable. Ukitake would not do anything to freak out Iruka, and Iruka would thank the stars that it wasn't someone like Jin or Bart. They'd probably talk or something. And I am sure that Ukitake would share the food in his Captain's Robes in case Iruka got hungry. I can't see Iruka and Ukitake being anything but friends, but well Ukitake is one of the muses in my C-box that is the easiest to get along with.

11.) Emperor Cain(5) just proposed to Setzer(14). Remus(2), Hyuga(9) and Isshin(11) are the best men while Jin(3), Hakkai(8) and Tatsumi(12) are the brides maids, according to the information given, who will be the better ring bearer: Iruka(11) or (Umeda)4?

First of all I would like to say, poor Setzer. However out of all of my Cs, he'd probably mind marriage to wrinkly Emperor Cain the -least-. But I think that Iruka would be the better ring bearer, it is likely that Umeda would make a snarky and bitterly gay comment about the ring that he is bearing down the aisle. I wouldn't want Umeda smited.

12.) (Soi Fong)6 leaves home at about 4 pm headed in the direction of (Emperor Cain)5's house to go meet up with (Cain)5 and (Bart)10 and go to the 7pm showing of 3's company starring (Tatsumi)12 and (Setzer)14, at about the same time, give or take 2-8 minutes, (Bart)10 leaves home heading in the direction of (Takamichi)13's house because it's closer to the theatre but forgets to tell either (Cain)5 or (Soi Fong)6 that he/she would meet them there instead, if (Bart)10 comes across (Hyuga)9 at about halfway to his/her destination and asks (Hyuga)9 to verbally inform the other 2 of the change of plans, and (Hyuga)9 runs at a speed of 14 mph, will (Soi Fong)6 (Cain)5 and (Bart)10 have enough time to get the buttery topping before the movie starts if (Isshin)7 is serving the sodas and (Hakka)8 is nowhere to be seen?

If Isshin is serving the soda's, nah. They'll definitely miss the previews, Though I am sure that Bart is not going to show, he's probably running away from Emperor Cain. And Hakkai wasn't invited in the first place, And being Emperor Cain's number one crush, Hyuga is probably running in the other direction. It's hard being the lust object of the God of Solaris.

13.) Make em all have an orgy, guys with guys, gals with gals, pedophile the younger anime characters with the older hentais while you're at it if it makes ya giggle and call it all good ^.^

The only ones who -didn't- lock himself up in his/her room in response to that was Jin and Emperor Cain. But Jin is waltzing into his room after a fashion, because really the moral of this story is that no one wants to sleep with Emperor Cain.

14.) If 4 and 13 were in a battle royal to the death, who would win? What if 10 tried to help 4?

Setzer would win, because unfortunately Umeda is just a school doctor, however get Bart into the fray and Bart would probably win, if only by accounts that he'd be exploding everything in front of Setzer. Umeda declares that such things are stupid, he'd go shopping while they duked it out.

15.) Who is the father of 6's baby? (1 or 3?)

It was unanimous, Soi Fong went "UKITAKE" and Ukitake went "ME!" and Jin was like.. "....". Evidentally no one wants to have Jin as the father of their children, and probably with good reason. Though I'm fairly certain it was the lesser of two evils, and now Ukitake things that Soi Fong should lend her womb to him and Shunsui.

The muses agree that there was way too much screwing with each other in this whole thing.. but I told them it was called fanservice.

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