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~Spam, it's what's for dinner~

I bought this Kakashi and Iruka cellphone strap because my old one broke. Y'know the world needs more KakaIru love, at least dangling from my phone.. that way everyone can know that I support hot ninja action. */nerd* But I am not going to pay for it until tomorrow (payday) but I wanted to put it on hold for myself. Also it has come to my attention that I need a pair of green fuzzy dice for the old Yggsdrasil. (---> Jin says)

Now on to write my solo for the Fantasy RP. Jin, he is going to be evil.. and that makes me sad.

Also, the All Girls (I think it's Terazuka or something along that lines) version of "Utena" is awesome. I have a hard on for the girl that plays Saionji. Oh yes, she's hot.
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