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Well I am back in Idaho safely. I waxed existential in the airport. I don't know what it is about the airports where I always think about life/death/existance matters. I think it is because there is such an influx of people, and I see up close how they come and go, traveling along their ways with families to go to, people to depart from, people to go to. Airports are a rough analogy of life, everyone has a destination, it is just different from other people's destination.

When I got back, I found out that Alexi tricked out my car. He put an MP3 player in it. One that is ATTACHED to the car and not one that I have a hookup via a cassette tape. Evidentally he did this while he was cleaning out my car. So while Yggsdrasiil isn't green, it has an awesome MP3/CD player now. And here I was the past week envying Mish's. (mad envying.. everytime I saw it I was lik e "I waaaaaaaaaaant"). That means no more struggling with the loser-ness that is the CD player and it's refusal to play at times.

I miss Mish, this is only natural. I mean yes, there were rough spots, but it was like the clouds before the sun. I arrived at night, but I left during the day.. and that, or at least I think, is hopeful. (We are going as Shunsui and Ukitake for Halloween for the win, this will be fun). I am also glad that Todd liked me, that was very important to me.

Now I am going to hit the hay, I am going to sleep in Alexi's bed because we both agreed that it would be important to the cats to have us both in the same place. (Besides, his bed is softer then mine) but I'll have the bed to myself soon anyways because he has to wake up uber early in the morning.

Night everyone.
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