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~Once beneath the stars.. the universe was ours.~

A week ago, I will admit that I did want to go back home. I think it was due to the situation and I felt a little bit out of place.. there are many things involved with that but I will leave it at that.

A week later, and I really do not want to leave. Forgive me, I am starting to get all misty, but I'll survive through this post. And trudge on, I always do. I could sort of expound on that, but I won't. But what I -will- do is make one of those annoying virgoean lists because it makes me happy. (It's always nice to settle into astrological routine.)

What I -will- miss..

1.) Insane bubbly laughter for no apparent reason. I laugh, then Mish laughs, then we both laugh together. It's insane
2.) Drunken Mario Party. I won by accident last night, I was amazed, but really. Boo, he is evil. We must thwart him at all costs. (Wario too.. but damn it, Boo stole so much from me.. he needs to be punked). Toadette in her ass-kicking Doc Martens. Todd as Birdo.
3.) Todd's songies. He is the only male that I know that will randomly burst into song about absolutely NOTHING. He'll see something and start singing about it.
4.) Being the man.. yes that means me carrying things. I am like "Let me get that" and then I steal the heavy object away from Mish. There is something very masculinity-stroking about it.
5.) Graveyard walking. Mish and I did that one afternoon, we prowled a graveyard and read the names. This did much for our morbidity, but it was fun and there was some really cool monuments around. (I've never seen mini angels on a grave)
6.) Todd's jibes about my appetite. (Yeah, I really did think those were funny) ("Does Nia really eat?")
7.) Twister and his SOULFUL eyes. (I did like Dixie.. but Twister just sort of got me right in the heart each time he looked at me. He would be emo, except Pomeranians are not allowed to be emo)
8.) Watching 12 hours straight of Xenosaga II. (JIN! TIME FOR YOUR EXPOSITION HAT)
9.) Crazy adventures that have us end up with a flat tire and stranded in Wal-Mart for two hours. We -can- laugh- about it now, even though at the time it probably wasn't very funny.
10.) Waking up and having only ONE cat trying to vye for my sleeping space. Granted I love all eight of my cats to death, but it's like deathmatch on my bed to see who smothers me first during the night. And you can imagine how hot it gets in the summer. >.> Having 8 little hot water bottles gathered on my bed.
11.) Twin Star Power, yes.. I'll miss Mish the most. But then I guess there never really was any doubt about it. It was nice to just do the simple, gaze at her from across the table, see her laugh, see her smile, sense when she was zoning out. (In a manner that I often do.. I zone out all the time, ask Alexi). I think that made me the happiest, when she was animated and full of life.

There are certain things you have the power to choose, and then certain things that you don't have the power to choose but rather fall into your lap as if it was always meant to be. That's Mish, I didn't choose her, she was given to me at a time when I needed a friend and a confidante the most. And I treasure that, deeply.

I think.. that I -could- live up here in Michigan.

What I -won't- miss..

*okay people, this is the only one*

1.) Gentle Michigan Breezes.. WTF!

Edit: Hiromitsu Kamitsuma's "The Traveler of Time" just came on. Someone that perfectly defines my mood today.

Edit: And after that "In Your Wildest Dreams" by The Moody Blues. Oh wait, most of the songs on this disk are muse/Mish inspired songs. I forgot.
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