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So I finally figured that shitan needed an icon, so I dug out one that I thought would be somewhat fitting. It's very muse-y looking. I made that icon perhaps around a month ago, and just been storing it over at soylent_icons and well imagine that, I finally found a use for it. Mad props.

Of course this was after I copy and pasted my fic into it. The Angel Sanctuary-esque RP. Basically the background story between Hyuga and Sigurd, angel and demon. Jin is going to be fun to play though because he is roughly taking the role of Zaphkiel. (much :hearts: for Zaphkiel). Bart, Jin, Citan, Hyuga and probably Elly are going to take a role in this RP. Definitely something to fill the evenings after work and other stuffs.

I have a Kakashi/Iruka little ficbit sort of stagnating in my head, set to the tune of "Love me Madly" which I hope to get written up after I leave Michigan. (I secretly hope it is warmer in Idaho then it has been here. BRRRRR. Beautiful scenary but you pay for it with the cold) Really a whole lot of things to do when I get back. And then we'll be back to my regularly scheduled spamming.

Also, taibhse, mienai_hoshi. If you check your Friend's List, you'll see that someone added you. Don't worry that's just me at an alternate journal. ^_~

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