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Well, I had a very fun friday. It was actually pretty fun. We went around the soo and drove and drove. The area around the lakes were very misty and so it gave it an otherworldly attitdue to it, I need a camera and hopefully another misty day will come up. Then we went to Walmart and Kmart to gather stuff, which was also alot of fun. (the nature here is truly very awesome, I like the sheer ammount of beauty. I bet it is very beautiful in all seasons. *okay so I am not enamored with Michigan I swear*

Then after everything was done, we went to prod Todd at his office. That was definitely hilarous.

After that, we went to the Soo Locks, went to this cute little touristy trap shop Das Gift Haus which was very cute, I saw many things that I wanted to buy, I might get Alexi a pretty little bauble from that place. (Because he's a girl). Afterwards we got a combination of Thai and Chinese at this one food place, yummy food for all, tons of leftovers for when we started the Heavy Drinking accompanied by "Mario Party". Halfway through that game I was drunk so I was just pressing buttons here and there, and giggling

Oh yes, Mish got a pink and yellow ducky out of me. As an additional part of her White Day Present (tm). She also recieved her regular White Day gift however I'll leave it to her to post about it in her journal.

Now we are going to watch some Getbackers. Hurrah! I have a minor hangover after that drinking session, but nothing too major. It will just impede me from eating anything for the next couple of hours, ah that is what water is for.

Wait until the next fun filled post!

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