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~And if I built this fortress, around your heart..~

Night night!

Tomorrow is the last day of driving Stephanie to work. Everyone wish me happiness because that means that NO MORE STEPHANIE. *coughs*

Also, Alexi will be in the car, which means that there will be double-whammy singing in japanese for Stephanie's ears. Mwha


Sleep, ushered to bed by thoughts of the Egypt/Xeno RP. Because no matter that Citan's role in the RP does not entail being shoved into a slave costume. Who cares, I'm shoving him into one in my mind *kekekekeke*

Also, congratulations taibhse and mienai_hoshi, you two graduated to darker green borders around your icon in my Flist, that means good things, that I consider you a semi-close friend now. (Yes I am wierd, I colour-code my friends)

The Darkest Green means very close and then the sole purple, well the sole purple means "Twin Star" (Only one person has the purple... anyone want to guess who that is?)
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