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I fangirled bananacamo majorly. I hope the spunk-monkey makes it alright, however she now knows how to deter the advances of horny military recruits. VERY VERY YES! THE KOK IS ROOTING FOR HER!

Also discussions that go around in circles are AWESOME */sarcasm* Really I wasted a good hour of my life. Nothing against her opinion, I just had my own and well I have no use for discussions if she is trying to sway me into thinking a certain way that I am not going to be thinking. Or maybe that is just my taurus digging my heels in.

I still think that the KKM community should be largely Gen with the major pairing stuff taken some place else. (That includes ConYuu since I can always go to the ConYuu community for my fix). I am sure that the Yuuram community could stand to take it off to a pairing/yaoi specific community for all their needs. that's what other fans have been doing for quite a while in fact.

Edit: George Michael for the Win! *rips the "Faith" CD that I borrowed from Yo* My Co-worker and I have many inside jokes. Most of them about Qui-gon and George Michael.

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