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~Rant.. yes ANOTHER one.~

Nothing against you Yuuram fans. You know most of the Yuuram fans on my Flist are pretty awesome and even if they do not ship the way I do, they never do the whole, "OMGCANON" thing or the whatnot.

However well last night I stumbled across a thread on the kyou_kara_maou community that declared Conrad a "RAPIST". (yes, you heard me right, a rapist.) and then another comment in a thread saying that the whole POINT of Kyou Kara Maou is Yuuram.

Now, really. I do not believe that the point of Kyou Kara Maou is any pairing.. at least last time I checked. (Come on a ll subtext aside, it does have a plotline.. unless you've only been staring at Wolfram the entire time). Can you see why I absolutely do not like some Yuuram fans, and there has been a large pairing thread that dominated the entire Kyou Kara Maou Community some time yesterday.

Someone commented that they looked at the two different pairing communities for ConYuu and YuuRam and they were like. "Well ConYuu has more fans because the ConYuu community is bigger."

That is because the kyou_kara_maou community -is- the YuuRam community. Why join the Yuuram community when you can post Yuuram on the main board. Then there were talks of peace and co-existing, unfortunately this is a Yuuram fan talking to a ConYuu fan who posted recently a White Day's picture featuring Conrad and Yuuri. They even PREFACED the post with the fact that it was ConYuu. But there were still comments that said, "Waiiii where is Yuuram!"

It's getting to be like 4chan. Where if something is not relevant to someone's interests, it gets slammed/flamed/griped about. I am not asking for much, I am just asking for General Kyou Kara Maou related stuff again. I don't need ConYuu representation on that community, I get enough of it at the ConYuu Community (can we say, keeping it in the pants?). Perhaps kaitou_marina, if you could make community mod post asking people to tone it down and to start remembering what the community was created for back in the beginning when it was fun, and enjoyable, and most importantly when there was a level of maturity to the community.
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