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To continue on my vein of thought from yesterday.

I posted something to the shun_uki community, because I wanted to share my little Shunsui/Ukitake ficbit with people. I immediately get slammed for saying that I hate the terms 'seme' and 'uke' and for using 'buttsecks' in the same sentance. Now I posted something rational and calm, because it's a silly thing to get riled over, so I wasn't. But I still like the term 'buttsecks'. Granted I appreciate the constructive criticism, I really do. And playing to an audience bigger then myself, it was perhaps needed.. (so was the disclaimer)

But still for alot of people the following applies.

Buttsecks is some serious fucking business.

I have -alot- of gripes with the yaoi fandom. Alot of you know this. I think that it is a wellspring of wankery. I have learned long ago to not take the fandom quite so seriously, while I still sort of niched off into my own little waters. Fangirls annoy me, so do weeping ukes, getting raped by every seme in the ghetto and self lubing anus's. Buttsecks shows exactly that I do not take the fandom seriously, it's a divorce from it. I like what I like, and if no one else likes it, well tough.. because I do and that is really all that matters. I am not saying that I am mature when it comes to buttsecks, I have my moments of 'lol' and 'omg' just like anyone else, I just try to think outside the box as well when it comes to the fandom.

Also serious writer? Pshaw.. I only write when the muses tell me to write. Yesterday I got an image of Shunsui being nested on by a cat mid-sex and I wanted to run with that, I thought it was a cute mental image that just begged to be followed. One day I will do a revised yaoi rant. (I did one at the beginning of '05 and I am probably overdue for another one, a revised version.

Yes, the term 'buttsecks' may cast me in some shady waters according to the person, but hey I am in good company with shuufish, fennin, uzukisaru, kira_douji and anyone else feels that they like the term buttsecks as opposed to yaoi.

wooo, I ranted... >.>
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