Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Boise Loot~

2 x volumes Saiyuki Reloaded  (And I have a picture picked out for scanning and iconage.)
1 x volume Love Mode (because gay angst is the best)
1 x volume of Descendants of Darkness  (Volume 10 yay!)
1 x volume of Magister Sensei Negima!

Howl's Moving Castle The movie

We ate at the chinese buffet and got assaulted by a bunch of fangirls that obviously went to Anime Oasis.   Alexi went over and yelled at them for putting their hands in the egg rolls.   That made me inordinately happy.   We are going to watch Howl's Moving Castle soon.  >.>

I had fun, it was nice to just connect with Alexi and have fun.   (Oh yes, I am redoing my bathroom in JadeGreen so we picked up some jade green towels at Cost Plus.   Whee)

We are watching some Saturday Night Live skits right now.   Fucking hilarious.

Iconing will be incomming eventually.
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