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1) If you were to star in a movie, who would you want to be cast as your love interest?

Lindsey Lohan.   I have a major hard on for her.  *looks up at the calander that pimp_kitten got me for Christmas*  Yup, but I would insist that she not be all skin and bones, I'd rather have her body when she was in Herbie.  >.>   I'd also take it in Freaky Friday or Mean Girls.

2) What genre of movie would you most like to star in?
Probably Comedy, because that's the only thing I could think of myself being in.

3) What song would you insist be on the soundtrack?

"Wednesday" by Tori Amos.

4) What would you wear to the premiere of your movie?

You know, I would like to wear something like how Sei wears in my favorite fanart of her.  A nice suit-y looking thing.

5) Who would you thank in your Oscar acceptance speech?

Alexi, my cats, Mish, the Uzuki Residence and then I'd probably thank the voices in my head. *snickers*



Off the record but Mish's White Day Present has finally been purchased. >.> Hurrah. And the appropriate comments dealing with the transaction has been screened. >.> Thank you shiome

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