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~Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?~

It is an accepted fact of life for me that I always wake up a bit sick in the mornings.

Today I threw up.

It's gonna be one of -those- days, eh? And on my double job day. Meh. And I have to pick up Stephanie. If she mentions ONE THING about her husband and herself having sex, I will forcibly throw her out of the car. If I have to HEAR TMI, I will gag. Ugh.

I am uncertain about what today is going to be like, but if it bodes like how I woke up, then I just want to go back to sleep. *rubs eyes* Tomorrow is my day off, I am thinking of seeing if Alexi wants to go to Boise or something. I want to -do- something. I am tired of flopping around the net right now like a pathetic puppy. (because right now that is what I am doing).
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