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Hi everyone!

Long time no see! Once again I am over at Dreamwidth however if you find yourself being added by an 'alwaysbeenasmiler'; that's me. I've added some feeds from LJ so that I can see what is happening with all of the people that I sort of lost contact with. Also if you do have a dreamwidth, go ahead and add me!

Hope everyone is doing awesomely!
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: Pimping : (come on people, we need more people for this challenge comm)

ff_land is a Final Fantasy-themed challenge community where you first get sorted into one of six teams (Soldiers, White Mages, Black Mages, Thieves, Monks, and Dragoons), and then compete within your team to earn points and win the game! It's a place to meet fellow FF fans, share fanworks, and have fun together in a competitive environment.Join & to get started! [Info] [Application]

BTW, it's on Dreamwidth.
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They have some sort of Final Fantasy sorting thing over at Dreamwidth that I am sort of interested in. I am reading my application and I'm thinking that most people is going to see me as the cleric type even though I am by no means the cleric type. Still.. who knows.

I have spent the night over at Stalcup's, watching Game of Thrones Season 3 and Walking Dead.

Wow, Walking Dead is an emotional mindfuck. I swear, I've had more teary moments then anything.. as well as quite a few 'wtf man' moments. I think that in a zombie apocalypse, I will most certainly be fucked. (not to mention I don't think I could stand the smell of zombies, I mean if you think about it.. thsoe things probably smell rank and disgusting and my nose is EXTREMELY sensitive.)

Yay for setting up Dreamwidth which will pretty much be a companion-journal.

Remember everyone, over at Dreamwidth, I am 'alwaysbeenasmiler'!

So anyways, how is everyone today?
Kyoko☆Hey...how ya doing?

: Something silly :

So in the time I've been off the internet, I've developed an appreciation for fine Youtube Entertainment.. and Pinterest. Though thanks to my friend Stalcup, I love Mega64. Especially their video game mockumentaries. And since I'm in a 'sharing is caring' mood, I am going to share my favorite one.

LOL, Blanka. Seriously though, this is quality entertainment (or at the very least it determines that I'm kinda lame. lol)

Also, if you haven't already.. check out "Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime" (which is like "Epic Meal Time" but with more vikings) and "My Drunk Kitchen" which is essentially cooking with a funny and highly drunk lesbian.

Seriously, I need an icon of Mister Fox, because I desire more hilarity in my icons.

They are sadly lacking.
Sir Pheles☆Haven't you heard that

~Ah Sir Mephisto Pheles.... how I adore thee.~

I made this shiny Mephisto icon and I was searching perfect song and "There's a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven't thought of it yet" by Panic at the Disco and I was like "OMG! PERFECT!"

Some songs just icon themselves.. you know?

"I'm wrecking this evening and loving every minute of it."

Could there be a lyric even MORE perfect then that?
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Katie: *into walkie talkie* Hey Willie?
Willie: *deadpan back* He died
Katie: Well could you tell Willie's corpse that I'm heading out now.
Willie: *Deadpan* will do...


LOL.. I love the place that I work.
Sakura☆When I was only seventeen

: Sometimes it's hard keeping up here :

First of all, I appreciate everyone who has stuck with me; I know I'm a bad blogger type but then I've had alot on my plate in regards to work. Work has been phenomenal. I've learned so much and I'm definitely on the right track.. I know every single job in the warehouse and I've gained so many friends as well as gotten to know other people that I normally wouldn't of. Every weekend is filled with some new activity or hanging out with friends. In fact on friday my friend Shauna is coming over and we're going to eat bacon and watch Hetalia. Woohoo.

Also I've been questioning if I'm really a lesbian or if I'm bisexual. I've hung out with some guys that I've been sort of digging so I don't know at all. But I'm not going to label myself anymore, and I'm certainly not going to jump in. There was this one girl way back in the day however she started to scare me with the clingyness. I mean she was planning our life together and I just wasn't comfortable with that, or moving that fast. The thing is, that I've never been on my own, I've always relied on someone else and I just don't want to do that. I want companionship but it's definitely NOT important to me. Definitely not the forefront in my mind.

I miss RP and I've been sort of putting myself out there but it's nothing compared to how much I used to RP. It's not the be-all-end-all to my existance, just something enjoyable that I'd like to do every once in a while.

All in all, I have my priorities set out. I'm on an excellent path to growth and the healing process has been going well. I rarely think about what was anymore and that's an excellent thing, it's helped me to move on with my life.

Six months ago, I saw a bleak wall with nothing to show for it. But now.. I see the light and can feel it's warmth. Spring always follows winter, you know.

Thank you LJ-land for listening!

BTW Blue Exorcist is SO CUTE! Shiemi = ADORABLE!
Jason☆Give me half as much

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Now if only I could find someone who was interested in an Alec/Seregil inspir' Nightrunner RP. *hurms*

Also thank you all for the well wishes everyone! <3 I appreciate it.

I also want to sort of change the journal name.. I wonder what I'd go to though. Jyuufish, I've gone by that name forever.. but I don't think I can keep it, especially since it meant so much to me in the past.
Alice in Wonderland☆I must become

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From old destroyed ashes, new things can flourish and begin again.

Once again, sorry for not updating. Life has been busy, what with work and such.. it's been hard. But despite a little sprig of sadness in the here and now, I find myself happy with how life is looking. I feel optimistic and unburdened, ready to face the world with hope.

When I was twenty-four, the end of a relationship was nearly the end of the world. At thirty-three, I find that the end of a relationship always is followed by a 'life goes on'. New people come into your life, old people go. Life is such a fluid thing, really.. and so is your experiences. Hold your head high and look forward; perhaps one day there shall be a time when you can look back and only remember the good, but until then.. stay strong and just quite simply live.