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Jason☆thinks you are a low-life
Well I'm pretty much angry now and there's no getting over it because I have to sit there and look at Todd's face. We just had a dicussion on progress and evidentally Todd doesn't think that his boy child (who is not even a year old) should cry. In fact he is the most unprogressive piece of bullshit ever, I told him that it wasn't fair to expect Midori to want to roughhouse and play football if Soren couldn't cry. His response, "When Midori goes to school, the girls will beat it out of her because that's not the societal norm." (He just left the room, thank you gods above)


That is going to give his children a giant complex. By that logic alone, I am not supposed to like Mecha anime and I should sit at home and sew a fucking sampler because that is the societal norm, if I didn't hear such a giant crock of bullshit. WHY I DON'T EVEN.


I told him that he should be taught that it was okay to cry in his home, with his family whom he is vulnerable with, that it should be okay to show his emotions and his feelings, that he should talk and care and his response "Boys don't show their emotions" and then I was like "Well Todd why aren't you a marine then" and he was like "Because I'm not manly enough"



My fucking god all mighty, words cannot convey the rage that I am feeling.

Gee, I thought we were running a progressive household here. EVIDENTALLY NOT.

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Wow at Todd. Someone needs to introduce him to this magical concept called 'the 21st century', where people don't need to adhere to gender stereotypes!

I like sitting at home and sewing and watching mecha. Would that make his face explode from OMG WAT?

Yeah I know, see I don't do any of that, I don't work on cars, I don't build things, my area of expertise is technical. But oh my god I like anime AND romance novels (NO WAI!)

Added and unrelated note, hope you like bourbon balls because when I send out your christmas goody box, there will be bourbon balls (since I'm gonna try my hand at making them this year, being that it's a Kentucky Tradition.. or something)

We are a progressive household, Todd is just a dick. Strangely enough, many people don't meet these stereo types as I am the sort of gal that can make dresses AND build a book shelf. Go figure.

Sometimes he is just cruel to Soren, like my dad was cruel to my brother. Our society expects too much out of men. It's really unfair to expect men to be emotionless or to have to tough it up all the time. He should be allowed to feel. I just don't know what to do about it. Other then to make the point at some other time with Todd since I missed the initial instance. GRRR.

Yeah, I think it's ludicrous that we should be forced into boxes, no I refuse to be. Yes he is damn cruel, damn cruel and with unfair expectations. If I were him, I would let Soren feel free to be whatever he wants to be, if he wants to play with dolls then fine, I do not see any problems with that.

Maybe we should make them feel guilty about their sexuality while they are at it, like every time Midori runs around naked in the house, we should bark at her to put on clothing because to be naked is indecent. SAME THING.

If we are going to teach tolerance, equality and such, we can't just teach them that one thing is equal and the other thing isn't. People have done that before, you know what that's called? THE BIBLE.

Any kind of intolerance is the same, I think, but what makes me more disgusted by all of this is that I know that the true reason behind him being so awful is because he just doesn't like to listen to the sound of the children crying. He will rip into Midori for crying too, he just hustifies himself when it's Soren by saying 'Oh, boys shouldn't cry.' so he doesn't have to feel bad about himself for doing it. Either way, it's unreasonable. Babies cry. It's their only form of communication and until Soren can say real words that mean things that we understand, his only line of communication is the cry. By telling him to not cry, he's undermining his sense of worth and trust, because in essence, he's saying that what Soren wants, needs, and feels is inappropriate and unimportant.

I can understand the frustration of crying, even I get frayed by it, but I'd like to think I don't do thinks like that, and certainly not for extended periods of time or in such a disgusting and cruel way. (I mean, the thing I saw was him mocking the baby and screaming in his face.)

Oh lord, I don't want to raise little bible thumpers, perish the thought. Tolerance will be taught here, even if we have to beat it into Todd's skull.

Yeah I saw that as well.. I don't know why he was doing something shitty like that, seriously. Yes Tolerance will be taught here, or else. WE ARE DOWN WITH INTOLERANCE. (hopefully I don't punch him)

If he keeps trying to make the marine noise at Soren every time he squeals for the rest of the night, I am going to punch him.

Every time he does something that dumb diminishes the chances of us bringing him back anything from our date.

I don't think we should bring him anything anyways.

Whenever people bring up the pink and blue thing I always like to talk about how it was, in Victorian Times, the other way around. Pink was the more masculine color (having been a lighter shade of red, the color of fire) and blue was the feminine color reserved for girls.

Of course, we also didn't allow children to crawl back then, either, thinking for sure their souls would be damned if they were allowed to rut about like animals!

Funny how if we go by what society thinks is normal, we're very strange indeed. :3

(Society thinks that babies need iPhones, after all.)

Oh dear, these are the kinds of people that need to be sat down and told that stereotypes are a horrible and inaccurate thing and are the bane of a progressive society. Everyone has the right to like what they want, express themselves how they want, and do what they want (as long as it doesn't have a negative effect on society/the people around them in the long run, like violence). Regardless of race, weight, height, hair colour, gender, etc.


He just sounds like a jerk who refuses to see the proverbial light. Hopefully things will turn out alright eventually.

Oh I agree, I think that testosterone gives men the predisposition to make males rougher, and estrogen makes women more nuturing BUT THESE LEVELS DIFFER IN EVERYONE!

Uuugh what. I'm glad the kids have you to tell them they can express themselves however they please.

Yeah and I'm alright with that. If Soren wants to play with dolls, he can. I do not think that playing with dolls will be singularly scarring in his life, I also think that Todd was placating us at the dinner table because he was going on about Midori being a fighter pilot who dropped bombs on people. He thinks that if he gives us the girl, we'll let him have the boy to force his emotional castration upon.


Holy crap that's some offensive bullshit o_O

Yeah it is, and every time he speaks he seems to put his feet more and more in his mouth.

I'm so sorry. You have more patience than I do, I would have snapped completely.

(Deleted comment)
I don't know honestly, I think I've expended all my rage in his direction. Oiya, just the lameness really makes me blink.

... jfc, so much bullshit.

I don't even... GOD, I'm happy the kids have people like you around. No kid should be traumatized from such a young age.

Yeah, I just seriously wanted to punch him right in the face, when he up and left the room I was so glad, I bet he figured that me in my nondescript gender-state might of punched him if he kept on that line of thought. (but then so would of Shuu, she just had to leave the room to cook dinner)

oh boy... dude's got a serious issues. that's all i can think to keep me from getting pissed off. >_< even if people are like that (repressive and conformity-demanding) the solution isn't to give in and force your children to change for it...

what an asshole -_-

The fuck, someone bitchslap him.

You know, this is exactly why I hate people. God forbid that your kids grow up to be well-rounded human beings who know how to exhibit a wide range of emotions.

And the boy isn't even a year old yet? That's a baby! How can you expect him to stop crying at that age? asfkjbnsdhb!

Society and all of it's stupid, stereotypical double-standards can kiss my ass.

How do you not tear his head of? Damn, sexist people are just....ugh. I feel for you and his kids...mostly for the kids.

Well I consider them my kids to, I'm like the second daddy.. because I was there for emotional support throughout the entire time. And beliee me it was VERY hard not to tear his head off, goodness I was so tempted.


As a parent, he should accept his kids and love them as they are.

He sounds like a total asshole. :|

Augh what the fuck, KILL IT WITH FIRE.

I laugh when I hear the words 'social norms'.

God, if I followed social norms, I'd be married and have at least two kids by now. Oh hell no...

I hope somebody punches that guy real good. I hope it's a girl that punches him and makes it hurt badly just to show him how 'precious' his 'social norms' are.

Ugh. That's a compassion fail, a logic fail, and just a general sparkly firework show of FAIL all rolled into one. :|

Orz, that is such a backwards way of thinking he has. O_o

Dear Todd,

You are horrible.

No love for you ever,


It is so incredibly sad he actually thinks that way :( he sounds like one of those "this is the way the real world is!"/"that's just the way things are!" types, too -_- what a mammoth load of bullshit.

Thank goodness he isn't the only parent D:

I'm SO sorry you two have to deal with this man. But, of course, I feel the worst for those poor kids. -_- Parental failure at its best. When those kids meet the outside world, they won't know what the hell is what. That backwards thinking man is gonna scar them with a reality that doesn't exist. If he was abused as a kid, he should, under no circumstances, carry on that behavior to his kids. They'll grow up to be just like him, which is something none of us want. We have enough ignorant asshats as it is. I'm glad those kids have you and Shuu in their lives. Continue to convey all the love and support they need, 'cuz they sure as hell aren't gonna get it from dear old dad. I hope they cry on a daily basis. They need to learn that it's healthy and that bottling up emotions will make things worse in the long run.

Societal views changed decades ago, but that hasn't stopped some people from living in the past. We'll see how those kids will turn out once they reach teen years. I certainly hope they take you two's teachings to heart. I wish you luck.

That is one scary/incredibly dumb man, to think that your children have to deal with him makes me sad for them D:

Can I beat Todd to a pulp with my quad cane? Please? Please? pleasepleaseprettyplease?

Sheesh! I like to watch mecha. Hell, sweetie, I like to pilot mecha, as in play MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries! I suck at it, but it's sure as hell fun to do! I also like to cook, knit, crochet, cheer for the OTHER team, and take mental potshots at those career politicians who forgot how to do their jobs. Does that make me any less a female? Not in IMHO. My youngest likes to crochet, says it helps him relax. He sucks at it—his words—but that's how he unwinds after work and school. My middle son likes girly-type anime. Says it gives him some much needed laughs at times. Does that make them any less masculine? Not according to their lady friends.

So, yeah. Todd needs a good beat down. Or at least a good bash across the ass. As for his comment about his not being "manly" enough to be a Marine, how in the HELL does he explain all those women Marines? Are they too "manly" to be women? Oh man... find a group of WMs and point him out to them. ::snickers:: Hell, even one WM would clean his clock for him.

Give those little ones all the love, support, and encouragement you can, because they're sure as hell gonna need it with him around.

Real men are man enough to know that sometimes they have to cry. Gods what a maroon.

Screaming in a baby's face? Making mocking crying noises at him? That goes beyond being unenlightened or being a jerk. That sounds a lot like abuse to me. People lose their children for things like that, don't they?

Yeah, we had a talk with him about him, he's been better since both myself and Jennie ripped into him big time for it (we were so mad when that instance occured that we couldn't see straight) We will not tolerate that, we will not tolerate our children feeling any less loved. And even though one parent -is- the weakest link, yeah Jennie and I make two parents who are going to pretty much stay strong.

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