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: Soylent Update :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
*Previous Requests filled - CAN BE FOUND @ Isoylent

First Three people to comment must give me a choice of TWO subjects I can icon for isoylent (they can be characters and/or pairings, as well as general series or places and/or food.) Then I will put out three icons of the subject I pick out of your choices. +I can refuse to icon something on grounds that I don't know that series enough but then you can re-request another. +if you want to keep one or two for sole usage, then that's awesome.. just be sure to clarify it or else it will go on isoylent.

1.) *request slot belongs to skyships
2.) | Tales of Vesperia | 2 Yuri Lowell + 1 Raven/Yuri | requested by shuufish
3.) | Misc | Things that are Blue | requested by moonshinefaerie |
4.) | Misc | Maps - not road maps | requested by zukkii
5.) | Food | Brightly coloured bar drinks that are not green | puppy_sariel
6.) | Naruto | Main Teams *groups* | requested by ivy_tsuta
7.) | Hetalia | Characters in the Rain | requested by neera_pendragon
8.) | Tales of Symphonia | Sheena | requested by skylocks
9.) | Misc | Tea | requested by _yaten_kou_
10.) | Naruto | Sai | requested by moonherb
11.) | Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex | GEN | requested by newtype

Requests are FILLED

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How about...

Blue, as in the Color.
Anthy, MOVIE version of RGU.

Yay! You picked Blue! Idly, I do wonder if the choice was harder or easier this time around? ^^

Edited at 2010-05-13 09:24 pm (UTC)

Well it was easier. I did Anthy a few weeks ago so I opted not to do that.. not to mention I really do need to do more gen icons, non fandom related. So it was really very easy and I'll have fun picking icons to do!

(Deleted comment)
Oooh, well I think that I will do Maps, because I think that maps are pretty awesome and once again, I really do like gen. ♥ Yaaar pirate maps!

(Deleted comment)
Maps definitely do have something really awesome about them.. especially rolled up maps, they inspire things like "treasure" and "adventure"

I can request...either...cameras (like old ones, like this) or brightly colored bar drinks that are not green? :3

Hm, any of these team picture from the Naruto series, except the Sennin and non main character teams. I count Minato, Rin, Obito and Kakashi as a main team. So mostly Team 7, 8, Gai, 10, the Sand Siblings and Team Minato.

If you could do that, I would love you forever. It doesn't matter if it has text and is simple or not. Just as long as you like it.

Absolutely! ♥ I will get right on it!

Hey, it's nice to have more Naruto fans on my flist!

Well, that's about all I watch/read/live!

I sometimes stray into other fandoms, but the some character names don't stick so I usually forget them. ^^;

I'm a big akatsuki fan so I tend to really just love Itachi.. and yes Kisame as well.. though I also adore Kakashi (and Iruka)

Hm, that's awesome. =D
I RP as Pein somewhere on this website. It's fun. I was gonna do it for an all Akatsuki RP, but I got rejected and I got too lazy to redo my character profile. It was really selfish of me, but hey... I actually don't have a good reason, I'm just lazy. Well, actually it took me about an hour to write the stupid thing and I wasn't going to redo it at the moment and never got around to it.

I never really got into Kakashi and Iruka as a couple. I just don't see it. If it's a side pairing I can stand it, but I really don't understand how it got so popular. xD

You know, I've always been of the opinion that it's really just what the individual likes. I'm pretty open-minded about pairings and their existance. I tend to only read Kisame/Itachi, Kakashi/Iruka, Sakura/Ino and Naruto/Hinata.. but I think that other people's pairings are fine and awesome but then that's just because I know that I like some crazed pairings.

It is. =D

I like almost everything. Crack is a yesh~ Anyway, all types. Yaoi, yuri, het, and incest is all fine in my books. Even KakaIru. xD Sorry if you took that offensively, I didn't mean it like that.

Oh, don't worry.. it takes alot for me to be offended. ahaha. Seriously. And I'm the same.. yaoi, yuri, het, incest.. I'm a purveyor of ALL types of pairings! ♥

1. flowers in the snow
2. hetalia+rain

*runs away*

Now about the Hetalia theme.. so it is any characters who are standing in the rain, right? It doesn't have to be a specific pairing or character.. because if that's right, I can definitely do that!

yes, any character, a pair would be too much xD

Is it ok to request Tales of Symphonia icons? Maybe of Sheena? 8D;

Yes it is! And hurrah for Sheena!

How do you feel about provided images (if there were enough for you to pick and choose from) instead of a subject? :D

Oh oh oh that would be wonderful, and perhaps easier.. because then I would have a definite structure! So provide away!


I tried to pick some stuff that seemed like it would be easy to work with, but if you can't/don't want to use any of these, you can feel free to pick from the characters there and use other pics. :D

*Feels all speshul for getting a reserved space*

EDIT: Har har. It'd help if I included the link.

Edited at 2010-05-14 01:07 am (UTC)




I picked the three that I'm gonna be iconning so if you uploaded them just for me, you can feel free to remove them. I will be ponderng them now!!


Psh, I'm totally leaving them there. I'm sure I'll be updating it and sending you back there before long. ;)

Can I request some icons of tea? :)

Ohh icons...

May I request for Itachi x Hinata or maybe Mihashi from Oofuri?

I am not familar with Oofuri, I don't think, unless it's the nickname to some fandom that I know but don't know it's the nickname to.

If I don't know the fandom, just give me two choices to pick between!

If I don't know the series, I won't do icons of it, just because I do my icons based on feelings or impressions of that series or such.

Ahh you do not know Ookiku Furikabutte oh okay.

Uhmm...Itachi x Hinata for Naruto or Sol x Ky from Guilty Gear? Or maybe Just Ky Kiske. if that's fine?

(Deleted comment)
Just so you know, on the search for Sai pictures.. I found this

Scarily addictive at 6 AM!!!


(Deleted comment)
Ahahaha scarily cute and epiccaly awesome!

How about...

1) Angel Sanctuary - because you already have a page for it, and the manga images gives you chances to color. :D
2) Ghost in the Shell - because I never see icon makers do GitS batches.

You know, I think that I will do the last one, because yes.. you are right, no one really icons GiTS.. though it'll pretty much be Stand Alone Complex. But YAY!

Also, that is one of my most favorite pictures of Elly ever. Like when I first saw that picture on Devianar, I was like D'awwww Elly.

I used it because I knew you would appreciate it! ;D Elly ♥

Oh yes, I always appreciate the Xenogears. >.>

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